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Community Announcements
Updated: June 6, 2020

Statement from Our Bishops

The Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America issued the following statement on the recent tragic events in Minneapolis:

“We, the members of the Holy Synod of Bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, mourn the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd on May 25, 2020. We too have looked with horror at the footage of this episode, and condemn the brutal actions that caused his violent death. We look to the civil authorities to bring to justice those who participated in this senseless tragedy.

We categorically reject racism in any form.  Every human being is created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27), and was created to exist (Wisdom of Solomon 1:14). We are all, each of us, “one in Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).” As such, there should be no hatred, no enmity, no hostility between us, but reconciliation.

In the face of civil unrest, we call upon the members of the Orthodox Church in America, and to all the communities they live in, to engage in the service of righteousness and peace in the Holy Spirit. We exhort everyone to “pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding (Romans 14:17, 19).

Finally, we offer our prayers to God for Mr. Floyd, his family, and to those communities that are experiencing anxiety, sadness, and despair, because they have seen destruction of life and property."


Food Shelf

From Ronda Wintheiser: If you know anyone in need of  food assistance, our church food shelf has stock available. We would like to help you help them if we can. Just email me (r.wintheiser@comcast.net).

Remembering the Church

During this period when we will not be worshipping together in church, you may mail your financial support to: Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, 956 Forest St, St Paul, MN  55106, Attention: Treasurer. Donations will be gathered and deposited weekly.
Another convenient way to donate is to talk to your bank about "automatic bill pay" (this goes by different names at different institutions). On a set date, the bank sends a check from your account for a set amount and mails it to the church. In my case, the bank emails me each time the check is about to be sent.  Arrangements like this can be started, changed, or discontinued at any time.

Upcoming Services & Events
There are no services open to the public at this time.

Sunday Liturgies will be streamed and archived, and we will post that information before next Sunday, God willing.

How to Find Us
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
956 Forest Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106

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Call 651.771.5614 for:
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Father Jonathan Proctor, Rector
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