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We hope it is helpful. If you are
contemplating a first or return visit to
an Orthodox Church, or if you are
travelling and looking for a home
away from home, we sincerely hope
you will join us where two or three are
gathered in His name, in one place.
Community Announcements
Updated: March 25, 2020

Annunciation of the Theotokos

Today we celebrate the Annunciation of our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary. Click here to learn more about this Greatfeast of the Church. Blessed feast!

Community Notes

The reflection by Deacon Nick Denysenko that Fr Jonathan referenced in his sermon for last Sunday - "Eucharistic Living Without the Eucharist" - is available here. And from our own Paul Gavrilyuk, some thoughts on courage during a pandemic.

We hope that the bulletin will serve to keep us with one voice in prayer. Please let us know if there are community news items or updates you would like us to include.

Each Sunday, will be sending out an updated community prayer list, video and lectionary links for the Sunday Epistle and Gospel readings, and a video link to Fr Jonathan's homily. Here again are the links for home prayers (Typika service and Service of the 3rd and 6th hours).  Elissa Lindwall also offered this order of service for reader's Vespers.

Further Pastoral Restrictions

Bishop Paul wrote to diocesan clergy with instructions to further limit pastoral interactions. They may be reviewed as soon as next week, but in sum they require the following:
  • Visitation to the sick will be strictly subject to health care professional guidelines
  • Confessions only by phone or remote app
  • Baptisms, chrismations, and weddings are to be postponed
  • No in-person pastoral counseling is allowed; it must be conducted by phone or remote app.
In a further letter to the whole diocese, Bishop Paul discontinues all forms of liturgical service in church, including that of minimal clergy/chanter teams.

The letter can be read here.

Remembering the Church

From Joanne Bergman (Holy Trinity treasurer): During this period when we will not be worshipping together in church, you may mail your financial support to: Holy Trinity Orthodox Church, 956 Forest St, St Paul, MN  55106, Attention: Treasurer. Donations will be gathered and deposited weekly.
Another convenient way to donate is to talk to your bank about "automatic bill pay" (this goes by different names at different institutions). On a set date, the bank sends a check from your account for a set amount and mails it to the church. In my case, the bank emails me each time the check is about to be sent.  Arrangements like this can be started, changed, or discontinued at any time.

Upcoming Services & Events
There are no services open to the public at this time.
Sunday Liturgies will be streamed and archived, and we will post that information before next Sunday, God willing.

How to Find Us
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
956 Forest Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55106

Contact Information
Call 651.771.5614 for:
• directions to Holy Trinity
• information on service times

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Father Jonathan Proctor, Rector
Phone: 651.644.4383

Father Thaddeus Wojcik (Retired)

Father Nathan Kroll

Deacon Kelsios Willis
Deacon Luke Freeman
Deacon Daniel Bassett