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Community Announcements
Updated: July 21, 2016

Anniversary Photos!

Thanks to Drew Johnson and Phyl Schock for sharing and uploading some great photos of our wonderful centenary celebration - check them out here!

Anniversary Celebration Thank You! #1

To the HTOC Community, from the Person with the Clipboard, Thank you all for your efforts that made our 100th anniversary weekend celebrations joyful and memorable. To all committee members and chairs--archives, communications, food, entertainment, children's games, beautification (including the all gardeners and rain gardeners) waste management, church tours and security. Your well-made plans allowed things to proceed with barely a hitch. To the many who made cash and in-kind donations, known and unknown. Although final figures are not in we should have nearly all expenses covered. To those signed up to work at the events and those who pitched in without signing up previously, especially those who were willing to do whatever was needed in the moment. Your willingness and flexibility enabled so many to participate in good fellowship. To those who simply came to enjoy the events. Your presence was a gift to our neighbors. To those who were absent with or without honorable cause. Come check out the archives in the vestibule and pick up your commemorative book (one per family, please). It was a pleasure to work with all of you and to be a part of this truly historic occasion. The clipboard, which was once my father's, has resumed retirement.

Yours in Christ,
Anna Dains

Anniversary Celebration Thank You! #2

We would like to thank the following businesses who donated so generously to our 100th anniversary celebration and enabled us to do the food give-away to neighbors that we did. Thanks also to Dana Johnson, Vera Proctor, and Brenda Jaye who solicited the donations from area businesses and from businesses in the wider Orthodox community.

Cub Foods (Phalen)
($25 gift card)

Cub Foods (Sunray)
($25 cift card)

Big Steer Meats
1766 Minnehaha Ave E
(8 dozen hot dogs)

Baldinger Bakery
1256 Phalen Blvd
(300+ buns)

The Tin Fish
3000 E Calhoun Parkway, Mpls
(300 hot dogs, 300 bags of chips)

1180 Arcade St
(350 bottles of water)

Mississippi Market
740 East 7th St
($30 gift card)

St Vincent DePaul Society - Twin Cities
(food and supplies)

Anniversary Celebration Thank You! #3

We would like to thank the following talented performers for donating their professionalism and great gifts to our celebration:

Betty Rydell and Ed "Rydell" Bearse for the terrific opening set.

The Karen Cultural Association Dancers of Minnesota, under the leadership of Dah Salween and Chi Htoo

The Georgian Singers, under the direction of Dn Gregory Ealy (from St Mary’s Cathedral)

Jona and Marcus Lotti for their skits

Howard and Joanne French, for the folk dancing that drew participation from several neighbors.

Finally, to the St Paul Fire Department for bringing their rig and taking so much time with the kids who got to clamber all over it

Thanks to all!

Note from Officer Mik Norman of the Saint Paul Police Department

Officer Norman was the officer present for our 100th anniversary block party and sent us this note: Just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful hospitality your church members showed me at the centennial block party! I wanted you to know your appreciation for the St Paul Police Department and the law enforcement community is very much appreciated. Due to our profession, officers often become cynical of society. It was overwhelming and a breath of fresh air to see so many people in support of the work we do and wanting to do good. Your church and members are a great asset to the East Side and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, July 22
9:00 am - Matins

Saturday, July 23
Note: No choir rehearsal this week or next; choir rehearsals resume August 6.
5:00 pm - Great Vespers

Sunday, July 24
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy
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