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Community Announcements
Updated: Mar. 26, 2016

More Grads!

We have two more new graduates to congratulate: Chris Heren, who received a master of theology with speciality in systematic theology from Luther Seminary, and Emmy Maschke, who has earned her bachelor's in theology from the University of St Thomas (with a communications minor). Congrats to both Chris and Emmy—the first person in her family to receive a bachelor's degree! And a special congratulations to Fr Will Rettig for graduating as valedictorian at St Vladimir’s Seminary last Saturday. Fr William will take up his duties as rector at Holy Resurrectionm church in Fargo, ND, later this summer.

More Pascha Photos!

Many thanks to Emmy Maschke for expanding our album of photos from Holy Friday, Holy Saturday, and Pascha.

Rain Garden Cleanup Continues

Thanks to all who turned out last Saturday to spruce up our rain gardens! Your next opportunity will be Saturday morning, June 4, beginning at 9:30. Let Paul Purman know if you can help get our lovely gardens ready for the big anniversary (Ppurman@comcast.net or 651.366.2828)

June 19: Pentecost Picnic (Feast Day Celebration and Optional Bike Ride)

Let's celebrate Pentecost - our parish feast - at Keller Park again ... it's also Father's Day this year! Head up to the park pavilion after coffee hour - it’s just a couple of minutes drive from church. (Some of us will ride our bikes from the church to the park, as we did last year.)

Please contact Eric Saathoff if you would like to help as a chaperone. Please contact Oksana Voskresensky if you can help by providing food for the picnic, grilling the hamburgers (provided by the church), or driving food from the church to the park - or if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you!

100th Aniversary Update

Planners are working fast and furiously to put together this gala event. Want to help but haven't volunteered yet? There is plenty of work for all. Here are the people to contact:

Archives: Mina Jacobs
Church tours: Mike Lotti
Food (Saturday block party): Brenda Jaye
Food (Sunday): Vera Proctor and Mina Jacobs
Security: Still looking for volunteers
Fundraising: Vera Proctor
Publicity: Anna Dains
Entertainment: Kathy Pinson (Do you know of any musicians or entertainers who will be willing to donate a 10--20-minute set?)
Grounds maintenance and beautification: Contact person and more volunteers needed

Donations will also be gratefully received by the committee. Be sure to write "100th Anniversary" in the memo of your check. Thank you all!

Church School and Adult Education

Classes for children, youth, and adults meet at 9 am on Sunday mornings.

Church School End of Year - Sunday morning church school will continue this Sunday, May 29. Our last class will be June 5. Thank you, families, for the privilege of sharing the wonder of our faith with your children this year. From the church school staff: Elissa Lindwall, Elizabeth Saathoff, Phyl Schock, Cody Sommers, Anna Dains

Adult Education - Sunday May 29 – Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Jason Schock will lead a discussion around the topic of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God. The context will be a situation last December at a prominent evangelical college that generated a lot of social media attention and responses to the question of whether Christians and Muslims do indeed worship the same God. The focus of the discussion is not to resolve the question but to better understand the issues on both sides of the debate.

Sunday June 5 – Holy and Great Council - Dn Paul Gavrulyuk will discuss the Holy and Great Council convening in Crete during Pentecost.

Here are some resources about the Council:
The website for the Ecumenical Patriarchate: Holy and Great Council

Articles about the Council by Dn Paul:
A survey article in First Things: "The Future Pan-Orthodox Council: To Be or Not to Be?"

Another short paper, which deals with the objections to having such a council, has appeared as "Can Anything Good Come Out of a Pan-Orthodox Council? A Response to Detractors."

Several working papers can also be found on Dn Paul's academia webpage (membership is free and easy; you need to open a nominal account as an independent scholar, which will take you 2 minutes): (1"The Future Pan-Orthodox Councils and Lay Leadership (a working paper)" ); (2)"The Three Possible Outcomes of the Future Pan-Orthodox Council (a working paper)" ; and (3)An analysis of the Ecumenical Patriarch's Keynote address at the Chambesy Meeting .

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, May 27
9:00 am - Matins

Saturday, May 28
5:00 pm - Great Vespers

Sunday, May 29
9:00 am - Education hour
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy

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