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Community Announcements
Updated: Apr. 22, 2015

April 26: Holy Trinity Hosting and Serving FOCUS Meal

Holy Trinity is hosting a meal at FOCUS next Sunday, April 26, from 5 to 7 pm. Thanks are extended to those who have so kindly volunteered their time and food donations.

    We still need the following:
  • 5-6 more pans of rice (9x13)
  • 2-3 more servers
Please bring prepared food to the FOCUS center on Sunday between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. Powdered drinks or cans of coffee are always welcome if you want to contribute.

Please contact Vera Proctor or Domonique Kanavati with any questions.

Thank you again for your dedication to helping those in need!

More Pascha Photos!

Thanks to Tricia Lotti for taking and Marcus Lotti for uploading these great photos from Holy Week and Pascha these great photos from Holy Week and Pascha

St Mary's Summer Camp

Registration continues for St Mary's camp; camp is open to children and teens entering grades 3-12 this fall. Early registration (with early-bird) discount extends through May 1. Detailed information here. (Speak to Fr Jonathan about the possibility of scholarship help.)

A Vocation to Help Church Campers?

It's camp registration time again, and we are introspective. There will be a basket at the end of Liturgy this coming Sunday and the following one, where you can donate to help our kids afford church camp this year. The cost is now $400 for the week, so it is a daunting expense for a family.

But in the long term, we are seeking someone who might adopt a "Friends of Church Campers" kind of ministry, to provide continuity to that annual support effort: continuity which the parish council itself has been unable to provide effectively. We do of course put out a basket each year at camp registration time for a couple of weeks and will do so again over the coming weeks, but other initiatives, such as our summer farmers market or any other kind of participatory program involving campers or anyone in the parish, has tended to fade away from neglect. It's that person that we need... not someone to be responsible for huge fundraising goals, but to keep the camper support program alive in a more year-round way. If you might be that person, please speak to Fr Jonathan.

Other Vocational Projects Pending

There are many opportunities for leadership or service in the months ahead. If you are interested in playing a role in any of these or have comments to share, please do talk to Ron Greene:

1) With the results of an energy conservation audit there is much to review in our property management processes and plant. Are you interested in energy conservation or sustainability or just good systems to serve these ends?

2) Noise abatement in Archangel Michael Hall... again lots to explore, evaluate and propose. Benji Flaming is considering leading a group to help make our hall conversation friendly even when it is brimming with people.

3) A couple of folks in the parish are considering leading a special event later this spring or summer to thank our neighbors for putting up with our dust and debris for the past year, an open house of sorts. Care to be involved to help them?

May 9: Game League at Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is hosting the next pan-Orthodox Game League event on Saturday, May 9 at 7 pm, after our monthly potluck. Anyone 18 or older is welcome to attend. Please bring a snack or a dessert or a beverage to share and any games you would like. If you have questions, contact Mike Lotti or Ronda Wintheiser.

Church School and Adult Education Notes

All classes normally meet at 9 am on Sunday mornings. The next Saturday church school class will be Saturday May 9 at 4 pm, followed by Vespers and a potluck.

*Children and youth meet in church basement
*Adults meet in Archangel Michael Hall

Adult Education

May 3 - "Eastern Christianity and the Soul's Therapeutic Journey in the Afterlife"
Bob and Gretchen Faas will make a presentation on the Eastern Christian view regarding the soul's journey and its dynamics of transfiguration in the intermediate realm. Topics covered will include the individual judgment-weighing, the process of refinement and transformation, reaching a point of transfiguration, and, ultimately, the resurrection.

May 10 - "Into the Heart of Monastacism" with Tim Lindwall

May 17 - "Sacred Music" with Dr Chris Granias

(Do you have an idea or an interest in presenting a topic or leading a discussion for the adult class? )

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, April 24
9:00 am - Matins

Saturday, April 25
5:00 pm - Great Vespers, with memorial prayers for Al Swiriduck (5 years)

Sunday, April 26
9:00 am - Education hour (all ages)
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy
5:00 pm - Holy Trinity hosts meal at FOCUS Center, Mpls

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