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gathered in His name, in one place.
Community Announcements
Updated: July 24, 2014

Learn to Sew with Abby and Judy!

We had a great time last Sunday at our hand sewing crash course/fundraiser; join us on August 3 after coffee hour for the next installment, a mini-course on machine sewing. We will get familiarized with our sewing machines, its stitches, presser feet, and proper use - and put in a zipper - as we build a simple tote bag/storage case together. All skill levels are invited to join; the only requirement is that you provide your own machine to learn on.

The class will run from 1:30-4:00 pm at Archangel Michael Hall, but anyone needing extra help setting up their machine can gather early for some targeted support. Suggested donation for the building project is $45, but any contribution will be gladly (and blindly) accepted. Materials will be provided, and you can take some home with you to keep. There is plenty of room left in this session, so please contact Abby if you are interested so she can plan accordingly.

Abby has been sewing professionally for seven years, working in costume shops and alterations shops, doing contract garment production from home, and taking on custom projects such as church vestments and bridal gowns in her spare time. Judy is a long-time quilter and sewer and sells her own custom quilts on the side. RSVP to abbyshansen@gmail.com, or write with any questions or wishes.

To RSVP or write with any questions or wishes, please to e-mail Abby.

Efficient Canoe Paddling Workshop/Fundraiser

If your goal is to enjoy a paddle across your favorite lake, go farther on your next Boundary Waters trip, or work toward doing a canoe race, you can improve your experience by learning techniques of efficient canoe paddling. For a small group I can probably round up canoes. If you want to bring your own canoe, that's great.

Where: Lake or river of your choice in the metro area (eg, Lake Phalen).
When: Individually scheduled.
Suggested donation: $20/hr (any size group; smaller groups will get more individualized instruction, of course.

Contact Emily the Shorter (ruthemilyjohnson@gmail.com).

August 24: Holy Trinity Serves FOCUS Meal

Holy Trinity will host the FOCUS meal served on August 24. We are planning on a taco dinner and will be asking for donations or prepared food soon!

Fundraising Committee Update

This update is a recap of the presentation at the parish meeting last Sunday (July 20).

Liturgy was again held in HTOC church today; a welcomed experience. The fundraising effort is one of the parish rallying around the Accessibility Project and providing support through activities and fundraising. The activities have included diners, icon sales, skills development and the Time and Talent program. More activities will be occurring.

Here is the status of giving as of July 14:

Cash: $8675
Pledge payments: $12,700
Events: $1529
Stock sales: $3190
Total new gifts: $26,100 or 65% of goal

With the 2:1 HTOC match of $13,050, there is $39,150, also 65% of the total.

A special thanks to the parish community this accomplishment so far. We still need to get to the target, and the Fundraising Committee is thankful for your continued support. Please feel free to contact any member of the committee with questions, donations or concerns.

Fr Andrew Jaye
Ron Greene
Jeff Dains
Paul Perman
Frank Cerra

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, July 25
9:00 am - Matins

Saturday, July 26
5:00 pm - Great Vespers

Sunday, July 27
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy

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