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Community Announcements
Updated: Oct. 15, 2014

We Need a Bit of Muscle on Wednesday...

If you can help tomorrow (Wed, Oct 15, at 6 pm) there is some heavy lifting to be done on the building site, for about an hour. Please call Fr Jonathan if you can come, and just in case work is postponed due to the response, please check in with him again before setting out for church.

Round of Applause...

From Oksana Voskresensky: To all who volunteered for the apple orchard outing and Sunday potluck - thank you very much! It is a real pleasure to have wonderful people around, ready to help at any moment. Thank you again for our great work together!

Church School and Adults Education Notes

  • Sunday, October 19 - 9-9:45 am: All classes meet
  • Sunday, October 26 - 9-9:45 am: All classes meet
  • Sunday, November 2 - 9-9:45 am: All classes meet
  • Saturday, November 8 - 4-4:45 pm (before Vespers): Church school special class
  • Sunday, November 9 - NO CLASS
*Children and youth meet in church basement
*Adults meet in Archangel Michael Hall

Church school: Classes for children (starting at age 3) through high school. Children and youth will meet at 9 am in the gathering room in the church basement for a group opening prayer and will then be dismissed to their classrooms. Class ends at 9:45 am. Parents: Come to the church basement to pick up your children.
  • 3 years old - Kindergarten: Anna Dains and Marika Proctor
  • Grades 1-3: Kathie Cerra and Eric Saathoff
  • Grades 4-6: Elissa Cook
  • Youth (grades 7-12): Cody Sommers
Adult education schedule:
Sunday, October 19 (9-9:45 am - AMH): "Share Your story and Stump the Deacon" We have all come to Holy Trinity by different routes and with different backgrounds. We'll take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. Next, we will have the opportunity to "stump" Dn Paul Gavrilyuk, who is graciously making himself available to answer any questions you might have about Orthodoxy.

Wondering what kinds of questions to ask?
Here are some ideas:
  • What are some mealtime prayers my family can use?
  • How can I establish the practice of confession?
  • Is the Orthodox Church in conciliatory discussions with any other church groups or denominations?
  • What does "I forgive you" really mean?
  • How do I decide what level of fasting to do?
  • What is the role of a godparent?
  • Why do we give out red Easter eggs at Pascha?
Sunday, October 26: "Mysterious Combinations: A Path to the Orthodox Faith"

Mina Jacobs will speak on her work as an archivist at the Anchorage Museum (Anchorage, Alaska) and how it contributed to her conversion to the Orthodox faith. It was a coincidence of personal history, political events, knowledge of the Russian language, and work in Siberia.

Upcoming topics:
  • Olga Berkovskya - St Herman's in Alaska Pilgrimage
  • Oleg Voskresensky - Faith Search Discovery Curriculum
  • Dn Paul Gavrilyuk - Sunday Scripture readings
  • Andrea Bassett - Teaching and experiencing Advent with our families
  • Wendy and Matt Hyre - Spiritual and artistic journey through frescoed churches and monasteries of Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Serbia
Do you have an idea or an interest in presenting a topic or leading a discussion for the adult class?

Brick by Brick...

Thanks for Emmy Maschke for these photos of the bricklayers at HTOC and their handiwork.

A Note of Thanks!

Your time and donations made it possible for the church school to send boxes of cookies to 13 young adults who are in college or seminary or are working this year. Thank you!

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, October 17
9:00 am - Matins

Saturday, October 19
5:00 pm - Great Vespers

Sunday, October 19
9:00 am - Church School and Adult Education Classes
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy (Chrismation of Chris Keller and Natasha Palme)

Tuesday, October 21
7:00 pm - Parish Council meeting

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Holy Trinity
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Father Jonathan Proctor, Rector
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