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Community Announcements
Updated: Apr. 18, 2019

Palm Weaving Potluck after Lazarus Saturday Liturgy

Lingering for the potluck meal that follows Lazarus Saturday liturgy is a chance for kids of all ages to participate in preparations of the palms for the next day’s feast. If the full schedule of services of the weekend are more than kids' schedules are able to manage, it is fine to bring them just to the weaving and the meal, which is a very festive fellowship time. (The meal we share there is a potluck, for those able to bring something along to share.)

Egg Dyeing Help Wanted

We need helpers to dye our red eggs on Holy Thursday (after the morning Liturgy) -- a great activity for children  (accompanied by their adults); if you have questions or can sign up to help, contact Emily (Johnson) Broderson (952-252-0459; emilyruthbroderson@gmail.com). (Note that you don’t have to bring any eggs --  all the supplies will be ready for you.)

Flowers for the Tomb

If you wish to bring lilies or flowers for the decoration of the tomb, these should be brought to the church basement by Holy Thursday morning’s Divine Liturgy at the latest, and left on the floor (or the boardroom table if they are on a protective dish). (Hint: It always helps to have flowers in pairs, so that they can be set symmetrically on each side of the tomb.)

April 26-27: Vigil at the Tomb

We will again “watch and pray” by keeping a vigil at the tomb between the end of Matins for Holy Saturday (ie, around 9 pm Friday night April 26) and the beginning of the Vesperal Liturgy at 10 am on Holy Saturday (April 27). The vigil involves nothing more than reading the Psalms out loud by the tomb. We will start with Psalm 1 after Matins, continue in order through Psalm 150, begin again with Psalm 1, and so on until the beginning of the Holy Saturday service. We aim to have at least two people for each one-hour time slot. Mike Lotti will have a sign-up sheet at church, but you can also call or email  (651-402-0810; mslotti25@gmail.com) if you'd like to participate.

Holy Trinity Food Shelf

Thank you so much to the parishioners who have been regularly contributing to Holy Trinity's food shelf. At this time of year, it is such a blessing to have such an abundant supply of the foods recommended in our guidelines on hand --  in particular canned full meals like stews and hearty soups that include meat, vegetables, and a starch. The folks who regularly walk to Archangel Michael Hall in the cold on Sundays to receive a bag of groceries have expressed how grateful they are for our food shelf and for those meals. If you shop for the food shelf this week, keep in mind that we are currently running low on canned vegetables of all kinds, as well as uncooked pasta and rice. Thank you!

(Please contact Ronda Wintheiser with any questions or suggestions.) 

Church School

Sunday classes: April 21; May 5, 19, 26
Saturday class: May 11

Adult Education

April 21: Luke Freeman on Rembrandt and the Body of Lazarus - Luke Freeman will lead a discussion called "Rembrandt and the Body of Lazarus”. We will be focusing on three paintings by Rembrandt: “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp,” (1632) the “Deposition,” (1643), and “The Raising of Lazarus” (1630/2). We will use these paintings to engage questions such as these: How does Rembrandt visualize a key subject of religious art, the sacred body? For Rembrandt, what does the dead, anatomized body have to do with sacred bodies?

Upcoming Services & Events
Friday, April 19
9:00 am - Matins
6:30 pm - Prayer rope
7:00 pm - Compline
7:30 pm - General confession (followed by individual confessions, if desired)

Lazarus Saturday, April 20
9:30 am - Divine Liturgy
After Liturgy: Palm weaving with Lenten potluck lunch; choir rehearsal after palm weaving
5:00 pm - Great Vespers

Sunday, April 21 - Palm Sunday
9:300 am - Education hour
10:00 am - Divine Liturgy
4:00 pm - Pan-Orthodox Bridegroom Matins (St Herman's, Minneapolis)

Holy Monday, April 22
7:00 pm - Bridegroom Matins

Holy Tuesday, April 23
7:00 pm - Bridegroom Matins

Holy Wednesday, April 24
7:00 pm - Service of Holy Unction

Holy Thursday, April 25
9:00 am - Divine Liturgy
10:30 am - Egg dyeing
7:00 pm - Matins with 12 Passion Gospels

Holy Friday, April 26
9:30 am - Royal Hours (readers service)
1:00 pm - Vespers of Un-nailing
7:00 pm - Matins with Lamentations
(All-night prayer vigil beginning after Matins - details below)

Holy Saturday, April 27 
10:00 am - Paschal Vigil: Vesperal Divine Liturgy, with chrismation of Luke Anderson
11:30 pm - Nocturnes, Matins, and Divine Liturgy for PASCHA, followed by blessing of baskets and agape meal

Sunday, April 28 - PASCHA 
11:30 am - Agape Vespers of Pascha

Bright Monday, April 29
9:30 am - Reader's Matins, followed by potluck brunch

How to Find Us
Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
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St. Paul, Minnesota 55106

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