Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

About Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity church was founded in 1916, when the church building was bought by an association of Orthodox Christians, mainly Serbian and Belorussian, in St Paul. It was established as a parish in the Russian Orthodox Mission of North America, which later (in 1970) became the Orthodox Church in America (OCA). Over the years, eleven priests have served this community. Fr Jonathan Proctor has been its pastor since 1990.

The last decade has seen considerable growth and change for Holy Trinity. The building has been remodeled, to include a new iconostasis, widened royal doors, and new icon murals. During these years, a diverse community has been forming. This includes Christians of widely differing backgrounds who have chosen to make this parish their home in the Orthodox Church; those raised within the Orthodox tradition, of various ethnic backgrounds; those previously unchurched; and those who establish firm, close, and mutually edifying relations with our community but are not formally received into the Orthodox Church.

By God's grace we aspire continually to become "church" in the fullest sense: to offer a liturgical life that is adequate and fruitful; to support each other in living a sacramental life; and to encourage honest, open, and companionable discourse about spiritual life and community. We pray to become a church that nourishes prayer, repentance, and godliness and that animates the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all its members, so that God, manifestly or in secret, may work in us.