Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Great Lent: From Lazarus Saturday through Pascha

Holy Thursday
9:00 AM - Divine Liturgy of St Basil

"The liturgical celebration of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday is not merely the annual remembrance of the institution of the sacrament of Holy Communion. Indeed the very event of the Passover Meal itself was not merely the last-minute action by the Lord to 'institute' the central sacrament of the Christian Faith before His passion and death. On the contrary, the entire mission of Christ, and indeed the very purpose for the creation of the world in the first place, is so that God's beloved creature, made in His own divine image and likeness, could be in the most intimate communion with Him for eternity, sitting at table with Him, eating and drinking in His unending kingdom." (OCA web page)

7:00 PM - Matins with 12 Passion Gospels

The Matins of Holy Friday are commonly celebrated Thursday evening and popularly known as "The Passions" or "Twelve Gospels." This service "is a climactic point in the entire task set before us during Holy Week... We accompany Christ, step by step, from the time of His last discourse with His disciples to His being laid in a new tomb by the noble Joseph of Arimathea and the pious Nicodemus... The twelve Gospel readings, however, are only part of the service. Another part is composed of liturgical hymnography... [which] sets the Gospel readings within the consciousness of the entire Church, with all her history and people. The Gospel texts narrate the events. The hymnography gives the response of the Church, the community of true Christian believers from all ages, to these events." (From Fr Paul Lazor's introduction in the OCA service booklet Holy Friday Matins)

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Lazarus Saturday

Palm Sunday

Holy Monday

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Pascha (Sunday)