Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Events Around the Twin Cities

MEOCCA Cooperative Catechism Spring Classes

Registration is now open for the inquirer's classes offered by the local Minnesota Eastern Orthodox Clergy Association. The venue is St. George Greek Orthodox Church on Summit Avenue in St Paul; classes will meet Monday evening, beginning January 11.

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Major Orthodox Liturgical Music Event Next June

From Dn Gregory Ealy, choir director at St Mary's Cathedral, comes this save-the-date: This coming June 22-26, right here in Minneapolis at St Mary's Cathedral, there will be an Orthodox liturgical music symposium. This symposium has been organized under the auspices of the International Society of Orthodox Church Music (ISOCM), which is based in Joensuu, Finland, and whose chairman is Fr Ivan Moody. Fr Ivan (Orthodox priest, musicologist, composer) and ISOCM are well known and respected in many different circles, both ecclesial and secular. Having both Fr Ivan and this symposium here in the Twin Cities is not only an honor but something that should not be missed. To put it in very simple terms, this is a really big deal.

Note also that the professional vocal ensemble Cappella Romana, which specializes in Orthodox liturgical music, will offer a concert as part of the symposium. This is an extremely rare opportunity to hear exquisite, soul-moving, Orthodox liturgical music right here in Minneapolis. The schedule runs from Wednesday evening (June 22) through Sunday's Divine Liturgy (June 26); it will include presentations, choir rehearsals, and much fun. For more information about the symposium please go the website.