Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Events Around the Twin Cities

Wed and Fri Lenten Lecture Series at St George Greek Orthodox Church

The theme for this year's Wednesday Lenten lecture series at St George Greek, beginning March 13, is Christian Italy. Fr Rick Andrews will share images, memories, and history from his recent trip to Italy, including Venice, Florence, Sienna, Pisa, and Rome. The theme for the Friday series is Patrology and Patristics: Church Fathers in Orthodoxy, with speakers covering the Apostolic Fathers of the 1st century (Fr Thaddeus Wojcik), the Cappadocians of the 4th century (Fr Andrew Morbey), the Greek Fathers (Fr George Dokos), and the Syriac/Desert Fathers (Fr Paul Wesche). Each lecture (8 pm) is preceded by a Presanctified Liturgy (6 pm) and a Lenten community meal (7:30). Full details and schedule here.

March 22-23: Lenten Retreat for Teens (Grades 7-12) at St George Antiochian

Teens: You're invited to the St George Antiochian pan-Orthodox Lenten lock-in from Friday, March 22. at 6:30 pm to Saturday, March 23, at 9 am. This is open to those in grades 7-12. We will attend Akathist at 7 pm and then have a Lenten discussion and time for fellowship. This is free to attend, but you need to register here. Please contact soyo.st.george@gmail.com with any questions.

March 22-24: Lenten Retreat at St George Greek Orthodox Church

The annual St Gregory Palamas Festival of Light Lenten retreat at St George Greek Orthodox Church, March 22-24, with will feature Fr Moses Berry speaking on African Americans and Orthodox Christianity. Fr Moses will share his life journey into Orthodoxy (Friday evening) and also address Christian history in Africa (Saturday morning) and the African American experience and Orthodox Christianity (Saturday afternoon). Potluck lunch on Saturday followed by Vespers. Full details here.

Library Book Appeal: Three Holy Hierarchs Orthodox Christian Mission

From Fr Christopher Maciolek: Our humble mission community could still use your help! We are attempting to assemble a small library in order to edify the people of Southern Minnesota. If you would be so kind, we ask that you consider purchasing or donating books to aid in the effort. I have assembled this Amazon "wish list" on behalf of the mission with various Orthodox books listed and available for purchase at reasonable prices.

If you would rather purchase a book from another source, please remember to check the book off the Amazon list as well. If you're willing to part with them, we would love to have your gently used books also (please check them off the list too); this includes periodicals/journals. (If you have other books in mind that have not been listed, please limit your choices to books that have made a difference in your spiritual life. We simply do not have the space to accept all the books people no longer want/need)

Once you have made your selection, please send to this address: Three Holy Hierarchs, PO Box 105, Dundas, MN  55019.  Thank you, and may God bless you for your generosity!

IOCC: Summer Home-Build Volunteer Opportunities

International Orthodox Christian Charities is looking for volunteers to help build homes this summer. IOCC’s Orthodox home-build teams support long-term recovery after disasters, because communities affected by these catastrophes often face great need long after the crisis has passed. Work usually starts 6-12 months after a disaster, and IOCC teams sometimes keep coming back for years, depending on the need. The teams often work in partnership with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or Disaster Recovery Support Initiative. In general, volunteers must be at least 18 years old, but on some projects volunteers aged 16 or 17 may participate if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or an adult with power-of-attorney. Full details are available here.

OCMC Mission Teams: Volunteers Needed

OCMC mission teams need volunteers in 2019 -- there are openings for hard workers in Albania, Colombia, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Sweden, and Alaska. Please consider these opportunities to serve in missions. More information and applications can be found here, along with additional missionary opportunities. Thank you for your support and prayers in this unending task of our Holy Orthodox Church!

May-June 2019: Holy Land Pilgrimage With Bp Paul

Bishop Paul, along with Fr Andrew Harrison, will be leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land this coming spring, May 27 through June 5. Check out the details here.